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Games that you can play with our escorts

It is true that escorts make your dreams come true. You cannot just gain pleasures in the bedroom with them but also experience unconditional fun by playing some playful kinky games with them. Our Ashna Ahuja Mumbai Escorts is the best source to enjoy the fun games and tactics that you can get from a call girl.

The escorts understand that their clients may be hesitant and shy at times. They involve their clients in such games in order to comfort and help ease the customer. Regular customers find such tricks kinky and dream reality.  It also heightens the sexual tension and adds flavour and heat to the episodes that clients get with them. They are perfect participants and raise your confidence level equally. Here is a list of all the games that Mumbai Escorts master and initiate with their customers.

Escorts in Mumbai



The curiosity and amazement that blindfold creates makes the episodes very interesting. The idea is to blindfold the customer and let them explore the body of the escort with their touch and hold. It excited and also comforts one at the same time. It is also a retained that blindfold doubles the fu and is thus a top demand by clients.

Role Play

Role Plays are known to be full of fun and entertainment. The individuals assume a role and pretend to sexually allure each other. Call girls in Mumbai claim that this sort of service is always encouraged and enjoyed by their clients. BDSM is always a frequent demand in role plays by the clients. Handcuffs for instance always come handy by escorts.

 Alternate wish list

This game involves both the partners to take turns and make a sexual move on the body of the other. The move has to be one that the individual would like to be done to them by the partner. Escorts use this game as a tactic to know and discover the likes and wants of their customers.

 Food For Sex

Escorts and customers use food items like melted chocolate, popsicles, drinks and other food items to exchange and use in creative ways to excite each other and have steamy sessions. Such moves make the regular encounters interesting and fun. Escorts use them to kill the boredom.

 Sex Toys

Sex toys are always welcomed by escorts in their sessions with their clients. The skilled use of dildos, vibrators, edible lingerie etc. always adds sensual and provocative touch to the bedroom sessions. Some customers also enjoy hardcore sex with lots of techniques and moves involved. For them, the use of sex toys gives assistance and support.

So if you want to enjoy fun sexy games with hot chicks then do approach our escort agency.  Our escorts are experts and most creative in these terms, they are certain to make you very happy. Meet the best divas of sexual powers and have the best episodes of your life with them. Hurry now and give a boost to the lost youth in you.


International escorts from all over the world!

At Mumbai Priya escorts International we have an excellent reputation of only ever listing girls who offer a great service. We are very particular about who we represent, whether they’re an international porn star or not. It’s not always easy running an international agency, but we think we’ve got it down…

Mumbai International Escorts

It’s taken time and a lot of patience, but Mumbaipriyaescorts International is what we always dreamed it would be. We represent escorts in several different time zones and we always manage to be there for our clients and our escorts whenever they need us. From the Middle East to the USA and most places in between, we’ve been there representing the best of the best for many years now.

We have a philosophy here at Mumbaipriyaescorts International. If we get a girl listing her services with us on our website, if she moves to a new country or goes on a tour, why would we have her list with another agency when we can quite easily represent her wherever she is in the world? After all, we work from offices, we don’t have to travel anywhere! We have found that over the years, the girls have come to greatly appreciate the extended representation that we offer at Mumbaipriyaescorts International. It allows them freedom of movement whenever they want, with the added security of being able to work too!

Clients on holiday or working abroad

It’s not only the girls we represent that benefit from our international service. Our clients really appreciate it too. When our clients leave Mumbai or elsewhere in the India to travel abroad, they will undoubtedly turn to us first, should they want to hire some female companionship on their travels. This could be Paris, Budapest, Rome, Milan, New York, Los Angeles, Dubai and so on. When they touch down and they need company, you can bet that our website is the first place they’ll be visiting. Or sometimes they’ll just call us because they know us so well. Tell us their location and we’ll tell them who we represent in that area and organise a meeting for them. It’s very empowering knowing so many Best escorts from all over the world!

We also have clients over in Dubai, New York City etc. that have never visited England, but they still use us all the time! And it’s not always just because we have the girls they want. They value a good professional and efficient service. You see, it doesn’t matter where you are from in the world, you can always find an escort with us!

Are you an international escort?

Are you an escort looking for representation from an international agency? It doesn’t matter if you’re in Manchester, Birmingham in the UK, or Milan or Rome in Italy, wherever you are, we probably have clients ready to book you. All you need to do is get signed up with the agency and send us some pictures that we can use and you’ll be getting bookings in no time at all.

Mumbaipriyaescorts International have more tools than simply a website. We are active members on several specific international escort forums and directories, we also have a dedicated social media team and marketing experts that work long and hard to get you the bookings you want. The way we see it is, if you’re signing up with us, we don’t make any money if you don’t! Not much point in wasting space on the website for a girl we’re not promoting elsewhere really. We take great pride in our ability to amplify our reach and get the bookings from clients who are likely already looking for you!

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